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"When I decided to campaign for Maryland’s 4th Congressional District, I engaged Applied Integrated Marketing and Design (AIMD) regarding my technological, marketing and research requirements.   In a very short period of time, Darryl got back to us with ideas and a comprehensive turn-key proposal for a robust web-site; social media development, monitoring, reporting and mining; historical vote mining; geographical information system analysis; electoral and demographic target analysis; and various political list-serve acquisitions.  With a campaign in its infancy, AIMD’s process for identifying long list/short list solutions selection was effective and reflected a clear understanding of my campaign’s requirements.

Setting up and managing a political campaign can be a difficult process with many associated risks.   But Darryl has been there every step of the way to explain today’s technology and steps for mitigating associated risks; varied cost-effective strategies for putting controls in place and reliable research sources.   It is not only important to take the appropriate steps when incorporating technology into your political campaign, but its imperative to have an unbiased partner like AIMD you trust to guide you through today’s technological advances.

We learned very quickly that AIMD could adapt to our requests and provide quality products and well-documented advice on time.  AIMD analyzed our business processes, and provided comprehensive analysis and solutions that we ultimately selected.  Darryl is gifted with helping you see situations not as problems/challenges but opportunities.   I feel privileged to write this testimonial for AIMD regarding its methodology approaches and the quality of its technological consultant services. "
Dr. Alvin Thornton Candidate, Maryland’s 4th Congressional District